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Honma Golf Clubs
Honma golf clubs
The V model from the Honma Tour World iron series
Tour World TW717 430 - Matt black
The insanely beautiful TW727 430 in matt black

Honma Golf Clubs

We at Premium Golf were introduced to Honma golf clubs a few years ago, and were given a glimpse into the future.  It was clear that the investment Honma were making into researching and developing the best designs and materials was unparalleled.

Whilst other brands might figure out a price point that the marketing department feel "the market can tolerate" and work backwards to a product, Honma has an uncompromising approach.

The Bugatti Veyron of golf

If you have tried other brands of golf clubs before and not been particularly inspired, you should try Honma.  Honma are very well known in Japan and Asia, and in UK the word is getting around.  

Yes, they are the most expensive clubs in golf.  Think of them as golf's answer to the Bugatti Veyron...

2017 and the latest range

I believe this is a big year for the Japanese brand.  Whereas past product ranges have been of greatest benefit to mid to high handicappers, that has all changed now that the Tour World range is well established.  Lovers of classic looking golf clubs everywhere will be impressed by, and perhaps drooling over, the TW737 range. 

Light, stable shafts - clear leaders

It has long been acknowledged by club makers that lighter shafts are an effective means of adding distance for the average player.  The problem was keeping light, thin-walled shafts stable enough not to compromise accuracy.  Honma's R&D and willingness to explore the best materials and designs, regardless of cost, make them clear leaders in the this field. In Honma's unique, six-layer carbon graphite construction, shafts are built to exacting specifications. The structure is so inherently strong and stable that the shaft is able to maintain its integrity through impact better than any other lightweight shaft.  In short, this means higher club head speed and more control over the club head. Longer and straighter.

Specialist Honma fitting centre

If our eulogies about the brand sound too good to be true, come down to our fitting centre at Worplesdon Golf Club, Surrey.  The real benefits from Honma come when the the details of the club are built to match both how you play, and the reasons why.  Premium Golf is the longest established Honma centre in the UK with the largest collection of demo clubs.  Our comprehensive fitting service is a key way to ensure that the clubs become an excellent investment in your game.

Price quotations and purchase

Contact us for further information regarding pricing and booking a trial session. If you are interested in the Honma golf club range and would like to learn about our custom fitting services, please click here.


The order process takes between 2-8 weeks (depending on the product) because the construction process is the most comprehensive of any manufacturer (up to 64 different stages) and takes place in Japan.  We allow a week for delivery and customs clearance.

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