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Scotty Cameron putter fitting

Scotty Cameron Putter Fitting

Scotty Cameron putter fitting

The Scotty Cameron Brand

Scotty Cameron putters hold legendary status within the professional tour fraternity due to a combination of product quality and the incredibly detailed processes with which they are made. They utilise a wide range of designs, from the traditional to the innovative, with exceptionally high quality of materials and a manufacturing process perfected over many years. Fans of the brand state their devotion is due primarily to the exceptional feel that comes from precision milled steel - ideal if you've never really trusted soft inserts.  The fact they look beautiful and are indelibly associated with success is no doubt a major factor also.

The number of Majors won by players using Scotty Cameron Putters has ensured their place in golfing history and no doubt this injects confidence into the minds of their ownwers - a valuable asset to have as you're standing over a slippery 6 footer to win on the last.

The Scotty Cameron Putter Range

View the Scotty Cameron website to see the full range of putters, across the Scotty Cameron Select, Futura-X and GoLo families.

Scotty Cameron Custom Fitting

You may feel like putter choice is just a matter of aesthetics and personal preference. In fact, the variability across players' putting set-ups, styles and strokes means that this is far from the case, which is why, if you think about it, there is much more variety among putter designs than for any other club in the bag. At Premium Golf we offer a putter fitting service that narrows the bewildering array of putters down through analysis of your static measurements and set-up, and the characteristics and consistency of your stroke. This will determine the head type and the approximate specification of putter that is likely to give you the best results, before narrowing down further according to any preferences you may have for a particular brand, look or finish, and trying out the candidates most likely to offer great performance and player satisfaction!

Contact us to arrange a personal fitting session or give us your specifications if you already have them.  Our fitting process is second to none and ensures that your set up is exactly as you'd wish (and recorded) before it is ingrained by the specs of the putter.  A putter's specifications reinforce however you were standing to the ball at fitting, so our coaching eye and video summary ensures what's ingrained is going to really help your putting.

Scotty Cameron Craftsmanship and Design

Click play in the player below to see a selection of short videos about Scotty Cameron craftsmanship and the key considerations that influence Scotty Cameron's putter designs - shape, length, path and toe flow - from the man himself.

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