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Alex Nicolson PGA
Phone 0845 124 1012
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Price per hour £60
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Location Worplesdon Golf Club

Alex Nicolson PGA

Alex Nicolson is a PGA coach and founder of Premium Golf.  Firstly as a member, and then as professional, he has been attached to Worplesdon Golf Club in Surrey for nearly thirty years.  He is a regular instruction contributor to Golf Monthly magazine and an Instinctive Golf Master professional.

Since qualifying as a coach in 1997, Alex has helped golfers of all ages and abilities, from beginner to County player and is passionate about maximising golfers' enjoyment of the game.

Coaching philosophy

In the context of your leisure time, why do you play golf? To relax, be fulfilled, to socialise, or to learn? The trick to truly enjoyable golf is to connect what you do with why you play. To this end, Alex looks at your experience of the game as a whole, not just what score you shoot.  You can’t play well if you’re not enjoying it.

Instinctive learning

Improvement can often be a frustrating experience because the culture of golf has led many golfers away from how they learnt other sports or physical skills. Away from how they are biologically wired to learn. Why is it that it would it never occur to you, if you were hammering a nail or throwing a ball of paper into the bin, to you think about "keeping your head still” or "hinging your wrists", yet these kinds of thoughts are rife in golf?

“There are many myths surrounding golf practice and technique that hinder true learning and lead to a frustrating relationship with the game”, explains Alex.  “One of the most damaging of them is that by thinking solely about the body, the club will eventually start behaving. So many golfers are unaware of the clubhead – what it’s supposed to do and what it actually does - that they don’t have the tools to learn from bad shots.”

Task-led improvement

“When we learnt to walk, hit or throw, “technique” was drawn out by focusing on the task.  My job as a coach is to help golfers become really clear about what the task is, and develop awareness of what they are doing in relation to that. Learning once again becomes an intuitive, instinctive process and technical changes evolve seamlessly, often unconsciously – as they should do - then wonderful things start to happen.  Golfers start to feel talented, because they can influence their shots and correct faults more easily than ever before.”

The process is rewarding

When people play and practise truly absorbed in the task, the process is the richest form of leisure time - true absorption, complete immersion.  The fact that it’s also the most effective route to better golf is a nice bonus.

How to get started

Having laid out the best route forward, Alex offers coaching in the form of anything from a handful of lessons to a year long programme. All lessons are summarised in handy video summaries or notes on our online coaching resource, The Vault.

For more information about Alex’s coaching or to book, contact us.

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