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Coaching Videos

NEW VIDEO SERIES - In association with National Club Golfer

Alex Nicolson (Advanced PGA professional coach) looks at how by understanding HOW we learn skill is more essential to improvement than jumping from one swing tip to the next. Understanding and applying the ingredients for true physical learning can make golf considerably easier and more enjoyable.

Learning golf skill

Target Engaged!

In this video, which accompanies our "Target Engaged" article in Golf Monthly magazine, founder and Managing Director of Premium Golf, Alex Nicolson (PGA) offers some advice on how to make a target-orientated golf swing. The accompanying article, featuring the Royal Navy golf team and the Type 45 Destroyer, HMS Duncan, will appear on the shelves in early August in the September issue of Golf Monthly magazine. Read this and our previous Golf Monthly articles on our coaching articles page.

Clubhead Awareness

In the video below, Alex explains how poor awareness of what the clubhead is doing during your golf swing can cause or contribute to common faults. He goes on to demonstrate how improved awareness can help you overcome problems or make changes to your swing, and to suggest drills you can use to improve your clubhead awareness. 

Clubface Awareness

In our next video, Alex addresses your awareness not only of the club head, but the direction in which the club face is pointing. Since the club face is the prime determinant of the ball's starting direction and spin, developing a feeling for the club face can really help you make improvements to your game.

Reactive Chipping

Here we explore how thinking too much about your technique can cause problems around the greens, and suggest some techniques and exercises to help you adopt a more reactive, instinctive approach to chipping.

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