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Coaching Videos

In this video series - Learning Golf Skill, in association with National Club Golfer magazine, Alex looks at some fundamentals of learning and developing skill and how we can improve more quickly, consistently and enjoyably by applying them to golf.

Learning golf skill, the truth behind improvement

Learning Golf Skill series, part 1. Alex Nicolson (Advanced PGA professional coach) explains that an understanding of how we learn skill is essential to improvement. Understanding and applying the ingredients for true physical learning, rather than jumping from one swing tip to the next, can make golf considerably easier and more enjoyable.


Removing interference in golf

Learning Golf Skill series, part 2. Alex looks at the effect of excessive body-directed swing thoughts on learning. Removing this interference in order to allow the brain/body to auto-correct can greatly aid improvement and the acquisition of skill.

Start with the task

Learning Golf Skill series, part 3. Alex explains how you can get the most out of your golfing brain. If you can see the underlying task behind a particular golf shot, your body can move more intuitively to produce a more efficient set up and swing.

Don't be a slave to your set up

Learning Golf Skill series, part 4. Alex offers a fresh perspective on set-up. Instead of going though a routine that's detached from the shot at hand, he encourages golfers to take a set-up in "response" to the underlying task of the shot - more intuitive and more effective.

Breaking free from slices and hooks

Learning Golf Skill series, part 5. Alex Nicolson, PGA coach and founder of Premium Golf, explains how long term slices and hooks can be quickly tamed by becoming more clubface aware.

Pure striking - where's the low point of your swing?

Learning Golf Skill series, part 6. Common misconceptions about what the club needs to do to create a good strike may have been holding your golf back for years. The good news is it's easy to get your head around and can have profound effects on your ability to solve striking problems.


Speed up your golf improvement - understanding attention

Learning Golf Skill series, part 7. Alex explains the silent hero of improvement - where you direct your attention. In a game dominated by body focused swing thoughts (internal focus) Alex explores how an external focus can accelerate learning and strengthen performance under pressure.


Get collision-ready for great ball striking

Learning Golf Skill series, part 8. Alex shows how physical resistance can tease out a naturally more efficient impact position and improve accuracy and power through the ball.


Pace putting - real vs. imagined

Learning Golf Skill series, part 9. When the plan for a putt is clear, it informs the stroke about how much power is needed... but how do you know if your plan is any good? This drill is a real eye opener as it quickly highlights discrepancies between your read and reality.


The sweet spot of learning

Learning Golf Skill series, part 10. This practice concept is essential to developing skill. The idea is to set the difficulty of the task that you're practising just beyond your current level of ability so that it is a challenge and requires a little struggle. Alex Nicolson PGA discusses why this works and how you can apply it to golf.


Block vs random practice

Learning Golf Skill series, part 11. Many scientific studies have revealed that unless practice includes a randomised element, transfer to the course is badly limited. In the final video of his Learning Golf Skill series, Alex discusses this concept and how mixing two styles of practice can maximise your chances of taking what you learn on the range to where it matters.


Target Engaged!

In this video, which accompanies our "Target Engaged" article in Golf Monthly magazine, founder and Managing Director of Premium Golf, Alex Nicolson (PGA) offers some advice on how to make a target-orientated golf swing. The accompanying article, featuring the Royal Navy golf team and the Type 45 Destroyer, HMS Duncan, appeared as part of Alex's series of articles in Golf Monthly magazine. Read this and our other Golf Monthly articles on our coaching articles page.


Clubhead Awareness

In the video below, Alex explains how poor awareness of what the clubhead is doing during your golf swing can cause or contribute to common faults. He goes on to demonstrate how improved awareness can help you overcome problems or make changes to your swing, and to suggest drills you can use to improve your clubhead awareness. 


Clubface Awareness

In our next video, Alex addresses your awareness not only of the club head, but the direction in which the club face is pointing. Since the club face is the prime determinant of the ball's starting direction and spin, developing a feeling for the club face can really help you make improvements to your game.


Reactive Chipping

Here we explore how thinking too much about your technique can cause problems around the greens, and suggest some techniques and exercises to help you adopt a more reactive, instinctive approach to chipping.

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