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Mitsubishi shafts golf uk

''The Ultimate measure of success for us is to have many of the best players in the world use our products week after week without fanfare or endorsement''

When Premium Golf was offered the opportunity to become a key custom fit account for Mitsubishi shafts, we grabbed it with both hands.

When a company with the research and development nouse of Mitsubishi Rayon produces a new series of golf shafts, we have to sit up and take notice. MRC (Mitsubishi Rayon Company) is considered a world leader in manufacturing acrylic and carbon fiber, and uses vertical integration technology throughout their production process. This enables absolute control over every step of the development procedure for all of their golf related products, from raw materials through to the complete finished golf shaft. This is no more exemplified than in the new Kai'li shaft - see PDF.

The manufacturing processes that M.R.C. have in place, allows them the ability to control all of the components that go in into their finished shafts. This distinguishes the company from their competitors and allows Mitsubishi Rayon to utilize a wider variety of unique resins, fibers, and prepreg throughout the design and manufacturing operation.

Since 1933, Mitsubishi Rayon has been an innovator in the rayon materials production arena. The company's interests have diversified and expanded during their history to include chemicals, plastics, fibers, and a variety of specialty products, this gives them the ability to produce world class composite golf shafts. The longstanding and extensive knowledge garnered has allowed Mitsubishi Rayon to be at the forefront of developing premium graphite golf shafts worldwide, for over 25 years. In that time M.R.C. has created nearly a thousand different resin combinations, along with more than a hundred unique varieties of fiber, that are now utilized in today's high performance products, notably in their composite golf shafts. The company have redefinined quality and high performance in the process. The interests of M.R.C. have diversified and expanded during their history to include chemicals, plastics, fibers, and a variety of specialty products, allowing them to produce world class composite golf shafts.

Unparalled performance - used by the best

Mitsubishi Rayon is constantly developing exclusive materials and processes to create premium, performance oriented composite golf shafts of superior quality and unparalleled performance. With their dynamic approach to research and development, M.R.C. GOLF has grown to become the leading supplier of premium graphite golf shafts in Japan, and has now expanded their distribution to the U.S.and European golf markets.


With many of the world's players using Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts and an unprecedented number of Tour wins worldwide, Mitsubishi Rayon has now established itself as a dominant force in the golf shaft market.

All of the Mitsubishi Rayon companies design and engineering functions are located in their state of the art facilities in Japan, and thus ensure golf shafts of the absolute highest quality. Mitsubishi Rayon's shaft division is part of a multi-billion dollar materials organization. All of the M.R.C. golf shafts are manufactured in Asia with the primary production facility being located in Toyohashi, Japan.

What next?

Learn more about the brand and the shafts and then click here to arrange a custom fitting session with us.


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