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RecommendationsCustom fitting golf clubs Surrey

Now we know the gaps that need to be filled to increase your enjoyment of the game, we give you a choice.  Either a) we fit you for your set-up/swing as it is or b) firstly make some simple coaching recommendations.  For example, if you were hitting it too low, and a simple adjustment of ball position could improve the trajectory, it would mean the club wouldn't need to make up all the difference.  As with the specifications of a club, small adjustments to set up can make a visible improvement. Looking at both golfer and his clubs at the same time can often yield greater results.

Test it out

A combination of interchangeable heads and shafts and clubs we build ourselves are used for you and the fitter to make comparisons. Because you're seeing the full ball flight in realistic conditions (backed up with launch monitor data) you can see how subtle tweaks can effect the result. For many golfers the look and feel of clubs are as important as the specs and so we look to satisfy the art and science of fitting.

Building a test club

We have access to a wide range of shaft and head components.  For golfers wanting something a bit special, who are happy to come back for a secondary fitting, we can build a club to your specs to try.  Secondary fittings are not uncommon as they give golfers a chance to try the recommendation twice or use the time in between to try out a set-up adjustment.

Possible outcomes

  1. Your existing clubs fit nicely
  2. With some adjustments, your existing clubs would do the job
  3. There is a new specification of club (or configuration of set) that would be more beneficial
  4. The outcomes you seek would be better sought through coaching initially

What if I don't hit it "like I can"?

If the way in which you hit it didn't fairly represent "your game" then using that day's information to build clubs for the next few years makes no sense.  Fortunately our coach's eye kicks in here, and can help you remember your swing on a good day.  Our club-fitting and coaching processes run closely together and we start developing an understanding of why bad shots might occur.  Looking at fitting in isolation from a golfer's swing is a narrow view.

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