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Honma is a Japanese golf brand known for their pursuit of perfection. Their uncompromising approach has led to some amazing advances in equipment technology including incredibly thin club faces and unbelievably light shafts (all whilst maintaining, if not increasing stability).

Rather than working back from a price point that the market can tolerate, Honma set out to design the best performing product that their research, technology and craftsmanship allow. Only once the product is as good as they can possibly make it do they work out what they may need to charge.

Honma Custom Fitting

If our eulogies about the brand sound too good to be true, come down to our fitting centre at Worplesdon Golf Club, Surrey.  The real benefits from Honma come when the the details of the club are built to match both how you play, and the reasons why.

Premium Golf is the longest established Honma centre in the UK with the largest collection of demo clubs.  Our comprehensive fitting service is a key way to ensure that the clubs become an excellent investment in your game.

Honma Technology

It has long been acknowledged by club makers that, for the majority of players, lighter shafts are an effective means of increasing distance. The problem is keeping light, thin-walled shafts stable enough that they don't compromise accuracy. Honma's R&D and willingness to explore the best materials and designs, regardless of the time and material costs involved, make them clear leaders in the this field.

In Honma's unique, eight-layer carbon graphite construction, shafts are built to exacting specifications. The structure is so intrinsically strong and stable that the shaft is able to maintain its integrity through impact better than any other lightweight shaft.  In short, this means higher club head speed and more control over the club head. Longer and straighter. Honma's work in this area was revolutionary, but is just beginning to filter into the wider industry through brands such as Vega. 

Justin Rose signs for Honma

Justin Rose signs for Honma

Whats in the bag:

Honma TW 747 460 driver

Homma TW 747V Irons (4 &5)

Honma JR Proto Irons (6-W)

Honma T//World Wedges

All available for fittings other than the JR Proto irons. Custom fits take place indoors in our studio or out on our grass range using Trackman. Contact us for more info.