Kramski Putter

Wiestaw Kramski, German engineer and successful entrepreneur decided he needed a new putter. Extensive research left him frustrated. Having found nothing on the market that met his high standards of design and engineering, he decided to design his own.

It helped that Kramski's existing company made precision milled machine components. Using the same state of the art 3 dimensional software that they used for industry giants like Bosch and Siemens, and the company's extensive tooling machinery, Kramski designed and produced a prototype model. Kramski Putter was born.

Kramski Putter Fitting

First generation putter fitting saw club makers being able to adjust only the length of a putter but Kramski’s unique system allows us to fit for length, lie angle, head weighting and counter weighting – and allows the client to actually hit putts and try any combination of specifications before the putter is built.  Kramski putter fitting is a service that's second to none; an individually tailored Putting System.

Premium Golf has the only Kramski fitting station in the UK. It focuses on “Optimum Impact Position” where the perfect blend of ball position and putter specs is established, and a repeatable setup maintained, through the putter's specifications and design.  With the need for compensations removed, the golfer has the confidence to place their attention fully on the putt at hand.  It is truly a premium service and product combined.

Kramski Innovation

Materials and Manufacture

Kramski putter heads are made bespoke and milled from solid blocks of flawless aluminium. The head is bored to mount the shaft at your precise lie angle.

Sight System

Correct putter positioning and alignment is ensured with Kramski's gun-sight-like 'sight system'.

Face Balanced

The centrally positioned centre of mass creates a huge sweet spot so putts are precise, even on off-centre strikes.

Precision Grip

Kramski grips are available in seven sizes and feature a special profile to keep them rain-free. 

Groove Pattern

For Kramski, a repeatable address position is all important. The milled sole pattern grips the green and keeps the putter from slipping at address.