The Orka Brand

Orka is a small, proud and truly British company, and is about as under the radar as you can get, but don't be fooled... Orka Golf clubs hold their own against the big brands when it comes to performance, quality and aesthetics.

Orka have wasted no money on marketing, and have put it all into their product research and development. Orka's golf club designs include models to suit every level of player, from the beginner to the tour professional, with their clubs currently represented on all the UK tours.

Orka Fitting

Since the tradition not just of fitting clubs but of building them too is so strong here at Premium Golf, we are always on the look-out for new component brands like Orka, and because we can fit them with almost any shaft or grip (unlike some of the bigger brands who only offer a limited range of options), the entire golf equipment industry is your oyster.

This flexibility also means we can create bespoke sets for different budgets, and because you're not subsidising a marketing campaign, we can get you even better value for money. Orka are a great option to consider if you are looking for a high quality product, with huge fitting flexibility, at a good price.

To learn more about the brand or to book a fitting, contact us.

Orka - an unfamiliar name?

Due to a combination of Orka Golf's excellent technologies, and the flexibility to install the best shafts from a range of manufacturers, our fitting clients regularly find that Orka products outperform other brands in launch monitor testing.

You may not have heard of them, but if you are looking for a bespoke, high performing set of clubs at a reasonable price, you need look no further!

Rough iron costings per club (based on a stock shaft and grip):

RS1 - £99

RS5 - £99

RS10 - £119

GS5 Tour SC - £89

CTI - £69