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Titleist's expanded arsenal for 2018

Updated: Sep 12, 2017

Once again Titleist are back with their world-renowned iron range and there are some sexy new additions for 2018. We were lucky enough to get an early testing session with them last week and here’s what we thought.

A Titleist line-up wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful set of MB’s & CB’s and they are going to look as good as ever next season. The extremely popular AP1 & AP2 models are also back but there are some very cool new arrivals in the Titleist armoury.


The new 718 AP3 iron combines the sleek looks of the AP2 iron with the punch you get from the AP1. Titleist describe it as a players iron with the performance of a distance model and we couldn’t agree more. Looking down at address you wouldn’t think you had a powerful club in your hands.

PG’s Verdict

This iron is a real show-stopper. Sleek design that packs some power, a stylish set of clubs that offer all-round performance. We saw ball speed increases of about 3 miles an hour with the AP3, resulting in a considerable gain in distance from the AP2. They are a 'cast' design but we thought the feel off the face was surprisingly 'forged like'.


The next new addition is the T-MB iron, now available in a full set. You will recognise these from the long irons that were released last year in 2-5 iron. They were so popular and perform so well that Titleist have now released them in a full set. Again, a fantastic looking range designed for distance but with a really attractive look and thin top line.

PG’s Verdict

Our only concern with the T-MB is that being a hollow design, the shorter irons may be a little bit hot off the face. They are a stunning set of clubs however, full of tech that will give you distance and forgiveness. For the longer irons and driving irons, the T-MB’s are second to none.

We are impressed by Titleist's ability to offer split sets throughout their entire range and think this could be a very popular idea in 2018. Some suggestions of this may be CB long irons with MB short irons, or AP1 long irons with AP2 short irons. This ‘split set’ idea allows you to gain more forgiveness and power with your longer clubs whilst keeping precision and control with the short irons, and is very common on tour.

The 718 fitting heads have arrived with us and we will also have the just-released 718 hybrid range in soon. To find out more about our custom fit services click here and to get in contact please see our homepage which is here .

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