Pure Grips -100% rubber golf grips, made in the USA

The Pure Brand

Golfers know there's nothing like hitting a perfect shot: you know, the one that brings you back. At PURE Grips, they want golfers to experience that feeling more often. That's why they've applied the latest in modern technology to the one place where golfers connect with their clubs: the grip.

Pure make all their grips in the USA and are the only company that we're aware of who make their grips from 100% rubber, rather than a mix of rubber and other materials such as plastics. The result is a host of performance, feel and durability benefits for the player.


100% rubber

12 month guarantee against loss of tackiness/wear

+/- 1 gram tolerance per grip

Concentric - injection molded for consistent grip wall thickness

Seamless - injection molding ensures no seams/parting lines

Made in the USA

All weather - supple and tacky in all conditions

Tapeless - constriction and friction hold the grip in place

Used by the best - brands like Miura use Pure grips

4 texture/style choices, 3 firmness levels, 3 sizes and many colours

The Rest

Cheaper rubber/plastic mix - harder and more slick

No guarantee against loss of tackiness/wear

+/- 3-5 gram tolerance per grip

Grip wall thickness not always consistent

Seams/parting lines

Usually made in China or Mexico

Tend to become hard and slick in the cold and slippery in the wet

Tape and solvent slows regripping process and risks shaft damage

No other grip gets this level of brand, player or coach endorsement

Limited size/colour options and cord vs non cord

Pure Benefits

Hank Haney is regarded as one of the world's top coaches. Watch the video to hear why he believes that Pure Grips "are the best grips there are". 

Pure Options

Hank Haney explains the options available in Pure grips, and the types of golfers and conditions that each are particularly suited to.