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The Radius Putter Brand

In 2008, golf industry professionals Graham Webb and Peter Lord began designing and developing a range of precision milled putters using their combined knowledge of golf club design and their understanding of golfers’ natural tendencies.


The company aims to use the best materials possible to make the worlds most aesthetically pleasing putters with performance characteristics to help golfers of all levels.

Radius designs push boundaries whilst appreciating classic look and feel. Three years of R&D, tour testing and searching for the finest milling houses in the world have turned Graham and Peter's designs into the most stunning range of putters.


Designed in the United Kingdom, CNC milled, stunning looks, amazing feel - RADIUS.

Radius Putter Ranges

The Radius putter range consists of five collections. The Linea range and Linea Feel range (pictured above) have alignment literally ingrained into the head design, with distinctive lines cut into the top and sole. The Classic Line and Classic Feel putter models mix familiar designs with the less conventional, all CNC milled into beautiful, stable, accurate tools.

The Tour Concept collection allows golfers to pick from unique designs each crafted to compliment the characteristics of a particular stroke type and path, or to create their own with the revolutionary Tour Concept Adjust. Visit Premium Golf at Worplesdon Golf Club to view the Radius putter lineup, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Radius Putter Custom Fitting

Given that we use our putter more than any other club, combined with the precision required to hole putts consistently, proper fitting is essential. The correct combination of length, lie, loft, weight and head style allow for a consistent setup and stroke, without the need for the adjustments and compensations that are at the root of inconsistent putting. Premium Golf offer a full custom fitting service for Radius and all our putter brands. Click here for more information on our fitting services.

Radius are the only putter manufacturer to offer a fully adjustable putter design. The Tour Concept Adjust (pictured above) allows full control over hosel design, weighting, face and shaft in addition to conventional length, lie, loft and grip options. This level of adjustment is of course a dream for us as fitters, but it also means that it's the last putter you'll ever need. Should you make an changes to your stroke, setup, the speed of greens you usually play or even just your feel preferences, your putter can be adjusted accordingly and with ease.

Radius Range Introduction

The adjacent video gives an introduction to the Radius brand and a couple of their putter lines.