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The United Brand

United Golf Clubs were developed by the same company that brought Vega to the UK. Their aim was to create a modern UK golf brand using the best possible materials and manufacturing processes. Working with the best in the business allowed United's designers to produce golf clubs that look amazing too.

A one-piece forging process for United irons and wedges was an obvious choice.  It's fundamental to creating golf clubs that not only perform well and look great, but also have that "soft" feel off the face.  This feel gives the aspiring golfer the feel and feedback they need to enjoy great shots and learn from lesser ones.

United Fitting

United Golf products are aimed at golfers who are looking for a truly comprehensively custom fit, bespoke set of golf clubs.


As a United preferred clubmaker, Premium Golf can source in component form and are not bound by the limited shaft options onoffer from some of the big brands.

This means that our fitting sessions can select from a huge range of shafts and grips and build a completely tailored and unique set of clubs, suited just to you.   


If you are interested in learning more about our custom fitting services visit our fitting area or contact us.

United Golf - an unfamiliar name?

Due to a combination of United Golf's excellent technologies, and the flexibility to install the best shafts from a range of manufacturers, our fitting clients regularly find that United products outperform mainstream, and even top end brands in launch monitor testing as part of a fitting session. 

You may not have heard of them, but believe me, when they are tested alongside the very best in forged clubs, the feedback is usually something along the lines of:


"Who makes these? They feel great!"