Tom Wishon Golf Technology

Tom Wishon may be an unfamiliar name, but it's a name well known within the golf industry.


Tom Wishon himself is a master club maker who has spent his career designing and developing golf clubs for some of the biggest brand names in golf.

Now, having set up his own golf company, he is living proof that if you invest your money and peerless expertise in product development rather than marketing campaigns, good things come of it.

Recently, Wishon have caught golfers' attention by reintroducing the concept of the single length iron set to the market. 

Wishon Fitting and Legacy

Soft, bendable, good looking heads are normally the reserve of niche, high-end brands such as Miura or Vega, but Wishon golf clubs offer a small range that ticks all the boxes.


Tom Wishon Golf Technology is a leader in custom clubmaking design and clubfitting research. Their experience in original clubhead and shaft design is unmatched in the custom clubmaking industry.

Tom Wishon's books and resources have been the industry benchmark for many years. They are an unbiased source of the latest and most in-depth technical information in the clubmaking world, teaching clubmakers how to provide the best possible service.


Using Tom Wishon's methods and information, we can ensure that the clubs we custom fit and the models we suggest are specifically and accurately tailored to the enquiring golfer.

Wishon On Equipment

In the adjacent video, Tom Wishon cuts through the hype and marketing and explains the true facts at the heart of the golf equipment market.