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Custom Club Fitting

Our comprehensive custom fitting service is designed to make a meaningful difference to your golfing enjoyment.  Our process connects what you use with how you play and why you play.  Throughout the bag, across a broad range of manufacturers, to help you get more from your game and fulfil your golfing aspirations.

A Meaningful Fit

You are interested in getting new clubs or perhaps altering your existing ones. How can you be sure the specs recommended by the fitter are relevant for you in 6 months, 2 years or even next week?

If the specs are taken based on how you hit it in the session, what if you don't hit it as well as you normally do? What if you're a bit rusty, going though a bad patch or feel you are capable of much more than your current form?

Our approach caters for golfers at different stages in their journey through the game. (See table below to learn more about our options). 

We believe custom fitting is only meaningful if it takes account of this.

Further information

Club fitting with a coach's eye

This approach is only possible because our coaching expertise gives us a invaluable wider perspective when fitting. 

Enjoyment coupled with performance

The numbers guide us to performance gains, but to inspire you, your clubs need to look and feel great too. 

Facilities and equipment

We are fortunate to be able to offer an indoor Trackman Performance Studio coupled with superb green-grass outdoor facilities (top 100 golf course with a beautiful grass driving range), near Woking, Surrey.

To view the clubs we offer go to Brands in the top menu.

Which service is for me?  

Option 1: Fitting

Fit me for what I am doing now.

If you have some or all of the following traits:

  • Have established swing and predictable ball flight

  • Not attempting to change the swing significantly in the near future

  • Clear accurate concepts of impact requirements

  • Awareness of  impact faults/tendencies

  • Clear accurate concepts of the swing

  • Awareness of what the swing does when it goes wrong

We recommend the club specs that fit your game now. 

Option 2: Consultation

I'm not sure if it's the clubs or me?


We offer a consultation session which looks at you and your clubs to reveal where the biggest (and easiest) opportunities for improvement lie.  It's neither a fit or a lesson as such, but it's designed to give clear direction to your subsequent investment of time and money.

We distil the information we gather into clear, intuitive ball flight and impact goals, and recommend fitting and/or coaching strategies you could explore to achieve them.  A nice commitment-free opportunity to understand the options available to you laid out by experts.

Option 3: Pre-Fit Coaching

I want clubs but want to up my game first

A meaningful improvement in how you deliver the clubhead would alter the specs a fitter would recommend, so this route suits the golfer for whom new clubs represent part of a bigger plan to improve.

Explore what's possible in your game with our coaching services, deferring a fitting by days or maybe even months.  This way we can help you get closer to the player you are capable of being , and then fit to support that golfer.  Moreover achieving a meaningful improvements doesn't necessarily mean "swing change". We find the easy wins first which make use of your natural ability to make effective impact and hit good shots.

Advice of which route is for you


Drop us a line or email us (contact) and we can discuss your game and which route is most appropriate for you.  If you wanted to test out your ability to self-correct take our Impact IQ test and when we meet we can discover whether your "concepts" offer opportunity to get easy improvement. 

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