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Golf Coaching

Our aim is to make a meaningful difference to your golfing enjoyment. Our instruction helps you experience the pleasure inherent in becoming more skillful, of being able to influence where that small white ball goes, consistently.

The standard lesson doesn't work


The underlying formula of most golf lessons is... Golfer comes to lesson, exchanges money for information - usually about what’s wrong with their swing and what it should look like. Golfer goes away, tries to convert this information into a better swing...


Given that the average handicap hasn't improved in 30 years, it doesn't look like this formula works. The problem is that this is not how we learn physical skills - just think about how you learned to throw or kick a ball, to play tennis or other sports you played as a youngster.

What's the alternative? Cheat.


Our approach is refreshing, effective and much more rewarding. How, you may ask? Well, we cheat by tapping into how humans are wired to learn. With the ingredients for true learning present, we can coax out efficient technique, more control over the ball... all the good stuff basically.


WARNING! You may find it a bit galling that your body knew all along how to turn a slice into a draw. Do not contact us if this prospect is too appalling...



Scroll through this section to learn why our coaching approach is refreshingly different and effective

Video instruction series


In partnership with National Club Golfer magazine we filmed a series of videos about an subject close to our hearts - skill.


If technique is HOW you move, skill is about getting the job done - which is more important. 

Click here to view.

Learning golf skill video by Alex Nicolson.
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