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Vega irons, vega golf clubs, forged irons

The Vega Brand

Vega Golf is based in Ichikawa and is almost one hundred years old. In the UK, it has quickly gained notoriety within equipment enthusiasts within only a few years.  Such was it's early success as a premium brand in the UK, it is now owned in the UK.

Over the years since its inception, Vega has been adapting and refining the forging processes once used to make Samurai swords for use in production of another precision instrument, the golf club. The result is that Vega has earned a reputation for producing beautiful, precision iron and wedge heads.

Vega Fitting

Premium Golf has been an authorised Vega fitting centre since 2007 and we are unashamedly evangelical about the brand.


We hold Vega irons, wedges, putters and woods in demo and component form.  This means we are able to select from a vast array of shafts and grips so that when you visit us for a custom fit, we have everything we need to build your perfect set.

Every club and set is different, so there is no "standard" set or price - we quote for your specifications and the specific model, shaft and grip chosen.

Contact us to book a custom fit or for a quotation. 

Vega Golf Technolgy

Click on the video opposite for  a brief overview of Vega's history and the processes involved in producing Vega forged irons and wedges...


...and to throw a few shapes to their groovy accompanying music...

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