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The Scotty Cameron Brand

Scotty Cameron putters hold almost legendary status among pros and amateurs alike thanks to a combination of product quality and the incredibly detailed processes with which they are made.

Scotty Cameron putter designs vary widely, from the traditional to the innovative, but all benefit from materials of exceptionally high quality and a manufacturing process perfected over many years.

Fans of the brand state their devotion is due primarily to the exceptional feel that comes from precision milled steel - ideal if you've never really trusted soft inserts.  The fact that they look beautiful and are synonymous with tour success probably also comes into it.

The number of Majors won by players using Scotty Cameron Putters has ensured their place in golfing history and no doubt this instils confidence in the minds of their owners - a valuable asset to have as you're standing over a slippery 6 footer to win on the last.

Scotty Cameron Putter Fitting

You may feel like putter choice is just a matter of aesthetics and personal preference. In fact, the variability across players' putting set-ups, styles and strokes means that this is far from the case. This is is why there is so much variety across putter designs.

Are you confident that "it's not the putter," that your putter is suited to you, and that your consistency couldn't be improved with an alternative style or specification?


Our putter fitting service filters the bewildering array of putters through analysis of your static measurements and set-up, and the characteristics and consistency of your stroke. This will determine the head type and the approximate specification of putter that is likely to give you the best results. 


Preferences you may have for a particular brand, look or finish will narrow the options further.

Our indoor putting area and large outdoor putting green, which is in excellent condition all year round, offer the chance to compare the candidates under both benign and more realistic conditions. 

A putter's specifications reinforce the way in which you address the ball, so our coaches ensure that your set up and stroke are performing at their best, with a summary video for future reference.

SAM Puttlab's numbers can validate your feeling of which putter is working most consistently for you and is most likely to offer great performance and player satisfaction for the long term!

Contact us to arrange a personal fitting session or give us your specifications if you already have them.

Phantom X

Developed with input from the game's best players and hoisted to multiple victories on the worldwide professional golf tours, the all-new Phantom X line presents a range of the most sought-after head shapes and neck/shaft configurations for golfers seeking today's most advanced mallet designs. The 2022 Phantom X putters are an integration of steel and aluminium, with nine of the 10 models engineered specifically with a solid, precision-milled 303 stainless steel face and body that's expertly fused with a 6061 aircraft grade aluminium sole and flange component. They also feature a purpose-designed sole plate that provides perfect balance in the center of the "X" when the putter is soled.

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