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Accra Golf Shafts 

The history of ACCRA Premium Golf Shafts has accompanied that of the most innovative sector of the golf industry. ACCRA Golf shaft sales has experienced significant growth in each of the past seven years, becoming one of the most successful launches of a new shaft brand ever.

ACCRA Golf focuses on the high-end segments characterised by elevated technological contents and high performance. They make a wide variety of top-quality graphite wood and iron shafts and are constantly pushing the boundaries in shaft technology.

Accra Custom Fitting

Using Trackman both indoors and outdoors combined with Accra's superior fitting capabilities, we are able to perform the ultimate driver fittings. With numerous weight, flex and bend profiles, do not think that Accra is just for the elite player, there is something for everyone.


As used by the world's best 

ACCRA has been a leader on PGA Tours around the globe, with multiple wins every season since its introduction on PGA, European PGA, Champions, Nationwide, and LPGA tours. More than 60 wins can be attributed to players using ACCRA shafts on the PGA and Euro PGA Tours since their inception

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