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Most sets of clubs have been compiled by at different times and often not in a coordinated way. The full bag fit offers a opportunity to join up all the dots and plan your perfect set a bit more strategically and ensure they really do match up. Although it is tempting for the time poor to try and sort all parts of the set in one long session, we don't recommend it for the simple reason fatigue sets in from too many shots and what you are doing is no longer representative. We solve the problem and mitigate the fatigue issue this by splitting it into two sessions. Ideally over two separate days or with an interval for lunch. In the first session (approx 2 hours) we'd cover irons and wedges and, and in the second (approx 2 hours) we'd finish with driver, hybrids and putter.

Full-bag custom fit

  • 1. This voucher cannot be redeemed for cash. 

    2. This voucher is valid 6 months from the issue date. 

    3. All vouchers for services must be booked in advance.  

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  • Vouchers will be posted first class within 2 days of purchase date. 

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