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Not sure if it's the clubs or you? The consultation session is a coaching/fitting hybrid which looks at you and your clubs to reveal where the biggest (and easiest) opportunities for improvement and enjoyment lie. It's neither a fit or a lesson as such, but it's designed to give clear direction to your subsequent investment of time and/or money.


We discuss your game and aspirations, watch you hit some balls and look at your existing equipment. We distil the information we gather into clear, intuitive ball flight and impact goals, and recommend fitting and/or coaching strategies you could explore next to achieve them. A nice commitment-free opportunity to understand the options available to you laid out by experts.

Consultation custom fit

  • 1. This voucher cannot be redeemed for cash. 

    2. This voucher is valid 6 months from the issue date. 

    3. All vouchers for services must be booked in advance.  

    4. For any queries regarding vouchers, please email 

  • Vouchers will be posted first class within 2 days of purchase date. 

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